New Works Lab

2012/13 Readings

The Flick*
by Annie Baker
Directed by Sam Gold
July 2, 2012 

Musical Theater reading: The Blonde Streak
Book by David Rossmer, music by Dan Lipton
Directed by Jack Cummings III
August 20–24, 2012 

Psalm 151
By Len Jenkin
Directed by Kip Fagan
August 27, 2012 

By Zayd Dohrn
Directed by Kip Fagan
September 10, 2012 

SuperLab: Movers and Shakers
By Deborah Stein and Suli Holum
Directed by Deborah Stein
October 15–19, 2012 

Marjorie Prime*
By Jordan Harrison
Directed by Pam MacKinnon
October 25–26, 2012 

The Consultant
By Heidi Schreck
Directed by Anne Kauffman
October 29–31, and December 13, 2012 

The Cottage
By Kathleen Tolan
Directed by Pam MacKinnon
November 5, 2012 

Musical Theater reading: Saturday Night at the Estate*
Book and Lyrics by Keith Glover
Music and Lyrics by Josh Schmidt
November 7–13, 2012 

SuperLab: Your Mother’s Copy of the Kama Sutra
By Kirk Lynn
Directed by Oliver Butler
November 12–16, 2012 

The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence*
By Madeleine George
Directed by Leigh Silverman
November 27–30, 2012 

Leveling Up
By Deb Laufer
Directed by Wendy Goldberg
(co–produced with Cincinnati Playhouse)
December 3–4, 2012 

I’m Looking for Helen Twelvetrees
By David Greenspan
Directed by Leigh Silverman
December 7–10, 2012 

By Carly Mensch
Directed by Annie Baker
December 14, 2012 

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play
By Anne Washburn, music by Michael Friedman
Directed by Steve Cosson
January 7–11, 2013 

By Lisa D’Amour
Directed by Anne Kauffman
January 15, 2013 

Musical Theater reading: Fly By Night
Conceived by Kim Rosenstock
Written by Will Connolly, Michael Mitnick and Kim Rosenstock
Directed by Bill Fennelly
January 24–29, 2013 

A Future Perfect
By Ken Urban
Directed by Stephen Brackett
February 1, 2013 

SuperLab: Phoebe in Winter
By Jen Silverman
Directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt
February 4–8, 2013 

The Patron Saint of Sea Monsters
By Marlane Meyer
Directed by Lisa Peterson
February 26–28, 2013 

SuperLab: A Kind of Weather
By Sylvan Oswald
Directed by Eric Hoff
March 18–22, 2013 

SuperLab: 16 Words or Less
By Peggy Stafford
Directed by Meghan Finn
March 19, 20, and April 2–4, 2013 

The Spoils
By Jesse Eisenberg
Directed by Kip Fagan
May 20–21, 2013 

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play
Anne Washburn, music by Michael Friedman
Directed by Steve Cosson
June 3–7, 2013

* denotes Playwrights Horizons commission

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