Will Arbery, Clare Barron, Michael R. Jackson, Larissa FastHorse, and Aleshea Harris

Will Arbery, Clare Barron, Michael R. Jackson, Larissa FastHorse, and Aleshea Harris

2018 Core Workshop with Kirsten Childs

2018 Core Workshop with Kirsten Childs

2018 Master Class with Anne Washburn

2018 Master Class with Anne Washburn

2016 Core Workshop with The Debate Society

2016 Core Workshop with The Debate Society

2017 Master Class with Sarah Ruhl

2017 Master Class with Sarah Ruhl


Perspectives On Playwriting

Playwrights is thrilled to invite you to join us for Perspectives On Playwriting (POP). In the interest of deepening our audience's engagement with new plays, we want to connect you — our most adventurous theater lovers — with some of our favorite theater makers. Now in its fifth year, this program introduces students to the processes and purposes of playwriting, as told by the playwrights themselves.

Whether you’re a longtime theatergoer or completely new to the world of the stage, or even an artist yourself, you can participate in POP in a number of ways — no previous playwriting experience required. All are welcome!

Master Classes

Our 2020 Master Class series will offer online sessions with some of the most dynamic artists working in the American theater. Each event will begin at 7PM Eastern and run roughly one hour. All classes are free of charge, but space is limited!

Monday, April 27: Will Arbery (Heroes of the Fourth Turning)


Monday, May 11: Clare Barron (Dance Nation)


Monday, May 18: Michael R. Jackson (A Strange Loop)


Monday, June 1: Larissa FastHorse (The Thanksgiving Play)


Monday, June 22: Aleshea Harris (What to Send Up When It Goes Down)


More Info:
Attendees will receive a link providing access to each respective Master Class in advance of each session. Those first to register will be invited to join us via Zoom. If we discover that interest outpaces our webinar capacity, others may be invited to view and participate via simulcast on YouTube. All attendees will be able to opt for YouTube access if preferable.

Classes will consist of lecture-style presentations by teachers, including the possibility of some interactive writing exercises. Participants will likely have different orientations to this work. Some may be writers or artists looking for inspiration to inform their continuing practice. For others with no formal writing experience or training, we invite you to join us in the spirit of trying something new! Our hope is that it might inform the way in which you think about attending theatrical events as an audience member. Playwrights is passionate about equipping our community with the tools to engage with new plays with rigor and care.

Though participants will have their cameras off and microphones muted for the duration of each session, there will be an opportunity to participate in an interactive Q&A facilitated by members of the theater’s artistic staff.

Note that we anticipate recording each session for potential release in the future.

Because much remains uncertain as we face the COVID-19 pandemic, these Master Classes are free of charge for all, and continue to be paid opportunities for our participating artists. It remains our goal to create ways to come together as a community, doing what we can to provide access while also supporting writers.

We hope that you’ll consider making a small donation in support of our continued work!


10-Week Core Workshop

We have decided to cancel our annual immersive 10-week course at our home on 42nd Street in summer 2020. In lieu of this facet of the POP program, we hope you’ll join us for an upcoming online Master Class!

POP Talks

Following select performances, we invite you to join us in the lobby for POP Talks. Unlike our traditional Post-Performance Discussions, POP Talks create an informal space for our audience to talk to one another about the play they just experienced together. These conversations are hosted by fellow audience members who are alumni of the POP Core Workshop.

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Photos of Will Arbery, Clare Barron, Larissa FastHorse, and Michael R. Jackson by Zack DeZon; photo of Aleshea Harris by Constantino Ciminiello and Andrew Wofford.