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Reservation Help

Our online ticket reservation system allows you to book your seats in real time. Each customer has his/her own Ticket Central account from which you can choose your performance dates and book your subscriber and guest seats.

First-time users: please contact Ticket Central to get your account username and first-time user instructions. Your account has already been created and linked to your Subscription/FlexPass/Membership package—please do not create a new account.

Having trouble? Ticket Central is ready to help you with the system. In addition, if you have special ticket requests or specific seating requirements, please call Ticket Central to place your reservations.

  1. Visit our Ticket Central powered ticket site.
  2. On the login page, enter your username and password.
  3. Under "Tickets" (in the navigation bar above), select your desired production.
  4. Scroll down to search for your performance and choose your desired date.
  5. You’ll be directed to a screen with a seating chart. Here you will select your seat. When you click on a desired seat, a box will pop up. 

    Subscribers and FlexPass holders, if booking your own seat, be sure to select BOOK PREPAID SUBSCRIBER/FLEXPASS TICKETS. The number you select should match the number of subscriptions you have or the number of FlexPass tickets you wish to apply). Select BUY GUEST TICKETS if purchasing guest seats. 

    Members, if booking your own seat, select MEMBER. If you wish to purchase a guest ticket, select MEMBER GUEST.

    Click the ADD TO ORDER button in the lower right.

  6. You’ll be asked for a quick word verification and asked to confirm your selections. If everything looks good, then click CONTINUE to go to the ticket delivery page. The default ticket delivery method is will call; you may choose to have your tickets mailed for free if you are reserving tickets more than 10 days in advance of your performance. Click CONTINUE.
  7. You ’ll be directed to a billing page with details of your order. To finalize your reservation, click CHECKOUT .
  8. You will receive an email confirmation.
Again, Ticket Central is ready to help introduce you to this system at 212 279 4200 or tickets@ticketcentral.comIn addition, if you have special ticket requests or specific seating requirements, please call Ticket Central to place your reservations.