David Rosengarten


David Rosengarten is an American chef, author, and television personality. Rosengarten did not start out in the culinary world, however. His background is in theatre. He pursued acting and directing in New York, his hometown, after graduating from Colgate University. He went on to earn a doctorate in dramatic literature from Cornell University, and taught theatre at Skidmore College. 

While at Skidmore, Rosengarten began teaching cooking classes at a local cookware store. Inspired by this experience, he returned home to New York with the intention of becoming a food writer. He was first published in Gourmet Magazine.  Soon after, he began writing a column for Wine Spectator. In 1989, after several years with Spectator. In 1994, he began working at Food Network hosting his own show, Taste, which ran for eight years. During his time with Food Network, he became a food critic at Gourmet.

From 2001 to 2008, Rosengarten published The Rosengarten Report, a James Beard Award-winning newsletter with over 50,000 paid subscribers. The Report returned in 2014 as an online magazine. Rosengarten's recent projects also include appearences on "The Today Show" and "RosengartenTV", a Youtube Series. He also organizes food tours in regions of Asia and Europe.


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