Erica Schmidt


ERICA SCHMIDT played the title role in the Off-Off-Broadway play "Brandon Teena", written and directed by Leigh Silverman, produced by The Present Company. Director of the Off-Off-Broadway play "Slag Heap" at the Cherry Lane Studio in Manhattan's West Village, from April 9-26, 2003. Written by Anton Dudley. Produced by Cherry Lane Theatre. Cast: Brienin Bryant, Caroline Clay, Nina Zoie Lam, Andy Powers, Debargo Sanyal, Yvonne Woods. Director/Adaptor of the Off-Broadway play "Debbie Does Dallas" at the Jane Street Theatre in Manhattan's West Village, from October 8, 2002-February 15, 2003. Produced by The Araca Group, Jam Theatricals, Waxman-Williams Entertainment. Cast: Paul Fitzgerald, Mary Catherine Garrison, Caitlin Miller, Tricia Paoluccio, Del Pentecost, Sherie Rene Scott, Jon Patrick Walker, Jama Williamson. Director of the Off-Off-Broadway play "Spanish Girl" at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre in Manhattan's Upper West Side, from July 17-August 4, 2002. Written by Hunt Holman. Produced by Second Stage Uptown. Cast: Ari Graynor, Joey Kern, Nate Mooney, Jama Williamson. Director of the Off-Broadway play "As You Like It" at The Public Theater in Manhattan's East Village, from March 25-May 4, 2003. Written by William Shakespeare. Produced by The Public Theater. Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Lorenzo Pisoni, Lethia Nall, Drew Cortese, Johnny Giacalone, Jennifer Ikeda.

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