Raja Feather Kelly

Raja Feather Kelly


Playwrights debut. Off-Broadway: EVERYBODY,  The Death of The Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World, Funnyhouse of a Negro (Signature); EVERYDAY AFROPLAY (JACK); Electric Lucifer, Another Fucking Warhol Production (The Kitchen); Andy Warhol's Bleu Movie (BAM Fisher); Andy Warhol’s TROPICO (Danspace Project); Andy Warhol’s DRELLA, I Love You Faye Driscoll (The Invisible Dog); Andy Warhol’s 15: Color Me, Warhol; (Dixon Place). Honors: 2017 Princess Grace Award for a Fellowship in Choreography, 2018-19 Carthorse Fellowship at the Buran Theatre, 2017 Bessie Schoenberg Fellowship at the Yard on Martha's Vineyard, 2016 Solange MacArthur Award for New Choreography, 2016 NYFA Choreography Fellowship.

Appears in
A Strange Loop
If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be a Muhfucka