Tony Giordano


Tony Giordano is an American director. His Broadway work includes Kingdoms, Mixed Emotions, Handy Dandy, and About Time. His Off-Broadway work includes Snow Orchid, Dividends, A Quiet End, Sally's Gone, Left Her Name, Chekhov Sketchbook, Ladyhouse Blues (PH), GR Point, Cracks, and First Night. He has also worked in regional theatre. He has directed regional productions of The Right Honorable Gentleman, The Tavern, Two For The Seesaw, Fortune and Men's Eyes,  Hotel Paradiso, Take My Wife, Last Love, and Daughters. 

Giordano has recieved many awards for his work including the LA Drama Critic's Circle Award (The Tavern), TheGrand Cross of Merit from the Italian Academy in Rome, The Gilbert Award from the Catholic University of America,  and the NYC Villager Award (The Snow Orchid). 

Appears in
An Evening with Ma Bell