Nat DeWolf, April Matthis, Annie Parisse, and Maria Striar. Photo by Joan Marcus.


Crystal Finn, April Matthis, Nat DeWolf, Annie Parisse, and Maria Striar. Photo by Joan Marcus.


Rob Campbell and Annie Parisse. Photo by Joan Marcus.


April Matthis, Annie Parisse, and Maria Striar. Photo by Joan Marcus.


Antlia Pneumatica


Written by Anne Washburn
Directed by Ken Rus Schmoll

In a ranch house deep in Texas Hill Country, a once tight-knit group of friends reunites to bury one of their own. But as they look backward through their lives, it becomes clear they’ve lost more than just their old pal. In this haunting new play from Anne Washburn, the boundaries between then and now grow disarmingly blurry as these estranged friends confront their slippery past.

Rob Campbell — Adrian
Nat DeWolf — Len
Crystal Finn — Bama
April Matthis — Liz
Annie Parisse — Nina
Maria Striar — Ula
Skylar Dunn — Casey (recorded voice)
Azhy Robertson — Wally (recorded voice)

Scenic Design: Rachel Hauck
Costume Design: Jessica Pabst
Lighting Design: Tyler Micoleau
Sound Design: Leah Gelpe
Songs by: Daniel Kluger and Anne Washburn
Production Stage Manager: Megan Schwarz Dickert


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Tim: Offstage sounds and conversations are also prominently featured in the play. Do you think the silent retreat contributed to this? Anne: I think when there is no conversation, the ear becomes more attuned to other sounds. And thirsty for them.


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