A Boy's Company Presents: "Tell Me If I'm Hurting You" image 1

A Boy's Company Presents: "Tell Me If I'm Hurting You"

Mainstage Theater

Written by Jeremy O. Harris

Jody Falco and Jeffrey Steinman Emerging Playwright Commission
World premiere

He plundered my insides / and made my organs / my innards / rearrange / after one slip of his rapier: / one utterance / of / “I love you.”

Vinny meets Baby Boy, setting in motion an erotic dream-journey that begins with a rush of passion — and ends, inevitably, soaked in blood. In this gilded, hyperqueer revenge fantasy from the transgressive Jeremy O. Harris, a young man dances headlong into this downward spiral, finding the intractable unity of love and violence. Riffing on Jacobean tragedy with a lush, rococo palette, A Boy’s Company Presents: “Tell Me If I’m Hurting You” is a pageant of self-destruction and renewal, a technicolor ballet pitched against the anguish of a broken heart.