The Burnt Part Boys

Mainstage Theater

Co-produced with Vineyard Theatre

Written by Mariana Elder
Written by Chris Miller
Written by Nathan Tysen
Directed by Joe Calarco

Coal country, West Virginia, 1962.  Fourteen year-old Pete’s fighting to claim his past.  His older brother Jake’s hoping to forge a future.  With their friends, they’ve embarked on a life-altering journey to the mine that took their father’s life.  Featuring a vibrant, haunting bluegrass and pop-inspired score, this gripping new musical from an acclaimed new team will capture your heart as it finds the streaks of light within the darkness.

Charlie Brady
Al Calderon
Andrew Durand
Steve French
Noah Galvin
Michael Park
Molly Ranson
Randy Redd
Asa Somers

Scenic Designer: Brian Prather
Costume Designer: Elizabeth Flauto
Lighting Designer: Chris Lee
Sound Designer: Lindsay Jones
Music Director: Vadim Feichtner
Music Coordinator: John Miller
Production Stage Manager: Lori Lundquist

Photos of (1) Andrew Durand, Charlie Brady, Al Calderon, and Molly Ranson; (2) Al Calderon, Noah Galvin, and Molly Ranson; (3) Company; and (4) Al Calderon and Michael Park by Joan Marcus.