The Chemistry of Change (New Theater Wing)

Women's Project Theater

Co-produced with Women's Project Theater at Theatre Four.

Written by Marlane Meyer
Directed by Lisa Peterson

Calculating matriarch Lee provides for her family by temporarily marrying men of means and living off the divorce settlements.  On her way to marry husband number 10, she meets a mysterious stranger and falls in love -- for the very first time.  Is it destiny or evolution?  A biting, comic look at the chemistry of love and the chaos of change.

Carlin Glynn
Christopher Innvar
Hamish Linklater
Larry Pine
Barry Del Sherman
Jodi Thelen
Brenda Wehle

Scenic Designer: Zhanna Gurvich & Christopher Barreca
Costume Designer: Katherine Roth
Lighting Designer: Kevin Adams
Sound Designer: Laura Grace Brown
Production Stage Manager: Bryan Scott Clark

Photo of Larry Pine and Hamish Linklater by Martha Holmes.