Cloud Tectonics

Anne G. Wilder Theater

Written by Jose Rivera
Directed by Tina Landau

In a torrential downpour, on a deserted L.A. freeway, a lone motorist encounters a beautiful, extremely pregnant hitchiker. he offers safe haven and takes her home, where she seems to cast a spell over him and his brother, who arrives unexpectedly on military leave. Time stands still as love's true magic is revealed in this hopeful fairy tale for our times.



Javi Mulero
John Ortiz
Camilla Sanes

Scenic Designer: Riccardo Hernandez
Costume Designer: Anita Yavich
Lighting Designer: Frances Aronson
Sound Designer: Mark Bennett & JR Conklin
Production Stage Manager: Martha Donaldson

Photos of (1) Javi Mulero, Camilla Sanes. and John Ortiz; and (2) Camilla Sanes and John Ortiz by Joan Marcus.