Demonology (New Theater Wing)

Written by Kelly Stuart
Directed by Jim Simpson

In this skewed, futuristic world of misogynist businessmen and seemingly docile secretaries, a baby-formula company is under attack. The men suspect insider sabatoge. Is it the La Leche League or the seductive new temp, who pumps breast milk for her baby during her lunch hour? A wickedly funny, disturbing and wholly contemporary take on the battle of the sexes.


Kathleen Glaudini
Rocco Sisto
Bray Poor
Marisa Tomei

Scenic Designer: David Harwell
Costume Designer: Therese Bruck
Lighting Designer: Anne M. Padien
Sound Designer: Michael Clark
Production Stage Manager: Leila Knox

Photos of (1) Marisa Tomei; (2) Bray Poor and Rocco Sisto by Joan Marcus