Doris to Darlene, a cautionary valentine

Mainstage Theater

Written by Jordan Harrison
Directed by Les Waters

In the candy-colored 1960s, a biracial schoolgirl named Doris is molded into pop star Darlene by a whiz-kid record producer who culls a top-ten hit out of Wagner’s Liebestod.  Rewind to the candy-colored 1860s, where Richard Wagner is writing the melody that will become Darlene’s hit song.  Fast-forward to the not-so-candy-colored present, where a teenager obsesses over Darlene’s music – and his music teacher. Three dissonant decades merge into an unlikely harmony in this time-jumping pop fairy tale about the dreams and disasters behind one transcendent song.

de'Adre Aziza
David Chandler
Michael Crane
Laura Heisler
Tom Nelis
Tobias Segal

Scenic Designer: Takeshi Kata
Costume Designer: Christal Weatherly
Lighting Designer: Jane Cox
Sound Designer: Darron L West
Production Stage Manager: Elizabeth Moreau

Photos of (1) Michael Crane, Tobias Segal, Tom Nelis, de'Adre Aziza, Laura Heisler, and David Chandler; (2) de'Adre Aziza and Michael Crane; (3) Laura Heisler and David Chandler; and (4) de'Adre Aziza, Michael Crane, and David Chandler by Joan Marcus.


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