Essential Self-Defense

Peter Jay Sharp Theater

Co-produced with Edge Theatre

Written by Adam Rapp
Directed by Carolyn Cantor

When a disgruntled misfit takes a job as an attack dummy in a women’s self-defense class, he finds himself mysteriously drawn to the repressed bookworm who’s beating on him.  But all’s not well on the mean Midwestern streets of Bloggs:  with local children vanishing at an alarming rate, our hero, his lady friend, and a motley assortment of poets, butchers, and punk librarians prepare to battle the darkness on the edge of town.  A grim fairy tale with generous helpings of rock n’ roll karaoke by the Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of Red Light Winter.

Cheryl Lynn Bowers
Guy Boyd
Michael Chernus
Joel Marsh Garland
Heather Goldenhersh
Lucas Papaelias
Ray Rizzo
Paul Sparks

Scenic Designer: David Korins
Costume Designer: Miranda Hoffman
Lighting Designer: Ben Stanton
Sound Designer: Eric Shim
Production Stage Manager: Charles M. Turner III

Photos of (1) Paul Sparks and Heather Goldenhersh; (2) Ray Rizzo, Joel Marsh Garland, Michael Chernus, and Guy Boyd; (3) Ray Rizzo, Lucas Papaelias, Cheryl Lynn Bowers, Guy Boyd, Paul Sparks, and Heather Goldenhersh; and (4) Guy Boyd, Heather Goldenhersh, Joel Marsh Garland, Paul Sparks, and Michael Chernus by Joan Marcus.