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Flaubert's Latest

Mainstage Theater

Written by Peter Parnell
Directed by David Saint

Take a sumptuous Connecticut garden (and gardener); a struggling novelist trying to complete Gustave Flaubert's final, unfinished novel Bouvard et Pecuchet; his choreographer lover; a spiritualist who's playing Madame Arcati in a summer stock production of Blithe Spirit; and last, but not least, the magical arrival of the author of Madame Bovary himself, along with his lover, the feminist-poet Louise Colet, and you have all the ingredients for a bold and fanciful excursion into the land of love, literature and the intrepid artistic idols whom we want to adore—at least until we really get to know them.

Mitchell Anderson
Gil Bellows
Jean DaBaer
John Bedford Lloyd
Mark Nelson
Sam Stoneburner
Mary Louise Wilson

Scenic Designer: James Noone
Costume Designer: Jane Greenwood
Lighting Designer: Kenneth Posner
Sound Designer: John Gromada
Fight Director: Rick Sordelet
Choreographer: Paul Lester

Photo of Jean DeBaer and Mitchell Anderson by Joan Marcus.