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Fran's Bed

Mainstage Theater

Written by James Lapine
Directed by James Lapine

What constitutes a life? Incapacitated, surrounded by her family, Fran guides us on an unpredictable journey into her past in an effort to help understand her present situation. An offbeat, colorful tale of a woman at a midlife crossroads, Fran's Bed is a delicate portrait of a family in crisis, told with ironic humor and unexpected feeling.

Heather Burns
Marcia DeBonis
Mia Farrow
Brenda Pressley
Julia Stiles
Jonathan Walker
Harris Yulin

Scenic Designer: Derek McLane
Costume Designer: Susan Hilferty
Lighting Designer: David Lander
Sound Designer: Fitz Patton
Production Stage Manager: Scott Taylor Rollison

Photos of (1) Heather Burns, Julia Stiles, Mia Farrow, Marcia DeBonis, and Harris Yulin; (2) Harris Yulin, Julia Stiles, Mia Farrow, and Heather Burns; (3) Heather Burns and Brenda Pressley; and (4) Julia Stiles, Harris Yulin, and Heather Burns by Joan Marcus.