James Joyce's The Dead

Anne G. Wilder Theater

Book and Lyrics by Richard Nelson
Music and Lyrics by Shaun Davey
Directed by Richard Nelson

When words fail, there is song. For Gabriel and Gretta, his wife of many years, what begins as another annual Christmas party, thrown by his two music-loving aunts, soon becomes a journey of discovery where a forgotten melody holds the key to lost worlds and passions long buried.

Blair Brown
Stephen Spinella
Emily Skinner
Alice Ripley
Mami Nixon
Brooke Sunny Moriber
John Kelly
Sally Ann Howes
Dashiell Eaves
Daisy Eagan
Brian Davies
Paddy Croft
Christopher Walken

Scenic Design: : David Jenkins
Costume Design: : Jane Greenwood
Lighting Design: : Jennifer Tipton
Sound Design:: Scott Lehrer
Wigs::  Paul Huntley
Orchestrations: : Shaun Davey
Musical Director: : Charles Prince
Production Stage Manager: : Matthew Silver
Choreography: : Sean Curran

Photos of (1) Brian Davies, Christopher Walken, Sally Ann Howes, Blair Brown, Alice Ripley, John Kelly, Emily Skinner, Dashiell Eaves; (2) Sally Ann Howes and Christopher Walken; (3) Sally Ann Howes, Marni Nixon, Blair Brown, and Christopher Walken; (4) Brian Davies, Blair Brown, Emily Skinner, and Dashiell Eaves by Joan Marcus.