Light Years

Theatre Three

Written by Billy Aronson
Directed by Jamie Richards

Navigating the seemingly infinite time and space between freshman and senior years, four young friends check in, break up, fit in, stand out, stay cool, drop out, and go nuts. A tender, frantic ode to the college years, when you're only as good as your course cards, and identity is just a state of mind.

Paul Bartholomew
Ian Reed Kesler
Anne Marie Nest
Sarah Rose

Scenic Designer: Narelle Sissons
Costume Designer: Amela Baksic
Lighting Designer: Michael Lincoln
Sound Designer: Laura Grace Brown
Production Stage Manager: Michael Schleifer

Photos of (1) Anne Marie Nest and Sarah Rose; and (2) Ian Reed Kesler and Paul Bartholomew by Joan Marcus.


Sonya Sobieski and Billy Aronson on LIGHT YEARS

I was obsessed with playwriting. I wrote pretty far-out plays, I’d write one every year and get students to stage it the next. But after Junior year I got this idea for a play about college students, which for me was a stretch because it was so literal—no witches or giant sex organs or huge moving shapes. It was just about college students going through four years of college. They arrived with certain expectations, made friends, changed expectations, fell in love, fell out love, and then had to say goodbye. I’d just been in a faculty production of Three Sisters which I’m sure had something to do with it, because that’s about how time just goes on and you think you’re getting somewhere and you don’t know where you’re getting and then it all goes away.