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Little Egypt (New Theater Wing)

Studio Theater

Written by Lynn Siefert
Directed by Roberta Levitow

In Cairo, Illinois (called Little Egypt by the locals), a mother and her two completely opposite daughters try to overcome the Midwestern blahs through the only outlet they have: men. Which men will stay and which men will leave, though, is at the center of this bittersweet comedy about the hopelessly romantic and the just plain hopeless.


Richard Gilliland
John Griesemer
J.R. Home
Mary Shultz
J. Smith-Cameron
Phyllis Somerville

Scenic Designer: James Noone
Costume Designer: Mary Myers
Lighting Designer: Robert Wierzel
Sound Designer: John Gromada
Production Stage Manager: William H. Lang

Photos of (1) J. Smith-Cameron, Phyllis Somerville, and Mary Shultz and (2) John Griesemer by Joan Marcus.