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Robert O'Hara

Playwrights Horizons: Bootycandy (writer and director), Bella: An American Tall Tale (director). He has received the NAACP Best Director Award, the Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding New Play, two Obie Awards, and the Oppenheimer Award. He directed the world premieres of Nikkole Salter and Danai Gurira’s In the Continuum, Tarell McCraney’s The Brother/Sister Plays (Part 2), Colman Domingo’s Wild With Happy, as well as his own plays, Bootycandy and Insurrection: Holding History. He has also written Zombie: The American (Wooly Mammoth) and Barbecue (The Public Theater).

(as of 10/24/17)


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Artist Interview: Robert O'Hara

I was examining male behavior and I wanted men to have to go through what we put women through. And I didn’t want them to have any sense that this had happened before, you know? I wanted it to be a hundred years past so that there’s a lost sense of history.


This is a Man's World

The play crackles with humor, much of it arising from the seeming absurdity of the situation itself. But if the play begins by engaging restrictions of reproductive freedom, it doesn’t stop there. It would be unfair to spoil the characteristically unhinged twists of Robert’s plot; suffice to say, the bone he has to pick with the patriarchy turns out to be much bigger and more far-reaching.


Selected Works: Robert O'Hara

Playwright and director Robert O’Hara has a reputation for writing and staging wildly imaginative work that embraces taboo and flaunts convention.