Maple and Vine

Mainstage Theater

Written by Jordan Harrison
Directed by Anne Kauffman

Katha and Ryu have become allergic to their 21st-century lives. After they meet a charismatic man from a community of 1950s reenactors, they forsake cell phones and sushi for cigarettes and Tupperware parties. In this compulsively authentic world, Katha and Ryu are surprised by what their new neighbors—and they themselves—are willing to sacrifice for happiness.

Peter Kim
Trent Dawson
Marin Ireland
Pedro Pascal
Jeanine Serralles

Scenic Designer: Alexander Dodge
Costume Designer: Ilona Somogyi
Lighting Designer: David Weiner
Sound Designer: Bray Poor
Production Stage Manager: William H Lang

Photos of (1) Marin Ireland and Peter Kim; (2) Marin Ireland, Jeanine Serralles, Trent Dawson, and Peter Kim; (3) Marin Ireland and Jeanine Serralles; and (4) Peter Kim and Pedro Pascal by Joan Marcus.


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Playwrights' Perspectives

Jordan Harrison on "Maple and Vine"

For nearly a month now, I’ve been throwing away old papers in anticipation of moving to a new apartment. This is harder than it sounds, mostly because I never throw anything away. My partner insists that these papers -- bursting from drawers, holding up short table legs -- are threatening to take over our lives. “Do you really need this envelope of receipts from 2006?” he asks. I hug it to my chest protectively. “What about this Christmas card from the dentist’s office?” Sentimental value, I tell him. Steam comes out of his ears.


Tim Sanford and Jordan Harrison

Tim: Let’s pick up where we left off with Doris to Darlene. Jordan: Oh, my. Actually, I think we have to start a little before that. Anne [Kauffman] began the project that led to this play with The Civilians some time before we produced Doris to Darlene, right?