Milk Like Sugar

Peter Jay Sharp Theater

Co-produced with Women's Project Theater and La Jolla Playhouse

Written by Kristen Greenidge
Directed by Rebecca Taichman

With potential for more but nowhere to put it, sixteen-year-old Annie’s got a choice: honor the pregnancy pact she made with her friends, or find the path to a brighter future.  In this searing, sharply observant new play, Kirsten Greenidge finds savage humor and gritty poetry in one inner-city girl’s struggle to carve out a life beyond the only one she knows.

Cherise Booth
Angela Lewis
Nikiya Mathis
LeRoy McClain
J. Mallory-McCree
Adrienne C. Moore
Tonya Pinkins

Scenic Designer: Mimi Lien
Costume Designer: Toni-Leslie James
Lighting Designer: Justin Townsend
Sound Designer: Andre Pluess
Production Stage Manager: Kyle Gates

Photos of (1) Tonya Pinkins and Angela Lewis; (2) Nikiya Mathis, Cherise Boothe, Angela Lewis, and LeRoy McClain; (3) J. Mallory-McCree and Angela Lewis; and (4) Adrienne C. Moore and Angela Lewis by Ari Mintz.


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Playwrights' Perspectives

Kirsten Greenidge on "Milk Like Sugar"

Until well into college I was a very good girl. I didn't drink, I didn't smoke, and most Friday nights I stayed in and watched "20/20" with my mom and sisters. On Saturday nights I usually babysat for my mom so she could go out. With her librarian friends. Who were all also divorcees and each home by the eleven o'clock news. So it was with great fascination that I sat down one day to a talk show -- I want to say it was Sally Jesse Raphael, but it could also have been Jenny or Ricky or Maury -- and listened to a very young teenager shyly but happily confess she was trying desperately to get pregnant. That she wanted a baby very badly. That she could not possibly wait until she got a job or her license or her diploma.