Our House

Mainstage Theater

Written by Theresa Rebeck
Directed by Michael Mayer

A cocksure TV bigshot faced with dwindling ratings installs America’s favorite news anchor as host of a popular reality show.   Meanwhile in Middle America, a houseful of roommates bickers over high-stakes real-world conflicts:  Merv doesn’t clean the bathroom.  Someone ate Alice’s yogurt.  And the rent is long past due.  Soon, as reality collides with reality TV, a sobering drama becomes sexy entertainment and we’re eyewitness to a crisis that holds the nation riveted.

Morena Baccarin
Katie Kreisler
Stephen Kunken
Mandy Siegfried
Jeremy Strong
Haynes Thigpen
Christopher Evan Welch

Scenic Designer: Derek McLane
Costume Designer: Susan Hilferty
Lighting Designer: Kenneth Posner
Sound Designer: Darron L West
Production Stage Manager: James FitzSimmons

Photos of (1) Jeremy Strong, Mandy Siegfried, Katie Kreisler, and Haynes Thigpen; (2) Stephen Kunken, Morena Baccarin, Christopher Evan Welch, Haynes Thigpen, and Jeremy Strong; (3) Morena Baccarin; and (4) Christopher Evan Welch and Morena Baccarin by Joan Marcus.