People Be Heard

Mainstage Theater

Written by Quincy Long
Original Music by Michael Roth
Directed by Erica Schmidt

When a small town becomes embroiled in a brouhaha over the teaching of evolution in the schools, a single mom who moonlights as a stripper is unwittingly drawn into the fray, and forced to confront the values she holds dear. 

Guy Boyd
Funda Duval
Dashiell Eaves
Annie Golden
Laura Heisler
Brian Hutchison
Kathy Santen
Conrad John Schuck

Scenic Designer: Christine Jones
Costume Designer: Michelle R. Phillips
Lighting Designer: Michael Lincoln
Sound Designer: Brett Jarvis
Fight Director: J. Steven White
Music Direction: Michael Roth & Steve Tarshis
Production Stage Manager: Michael McGoff
Choreography: Peter Pucci

Photos of (1) Guy Boyd, Conrad John Schuck, Dashiell Eaves, Kathy Santen, and Laura Heisler; (2) Funda Duval and Laura Heisler; (3) Funda Duval and Annie Golden; and (4) Dashiell Eaves, Guy Boyd, and Conrad John Schuck by Joan Marcus.