Peter Norton Space

Written by Evan Smith
Directed by Jim Simpson

Is everyone out to get Sunny Goldfarb - or is it all in her head? Psychology grad school turns out to be more of a mindfield of desperation and duplicity than the S & M parlor where she moonlights as a dominatrix. In a world of people who claim to be the authorities on crazy, but sure don't act like it, who can she trust? A comic thriller of paranoia, betrayal, and the perils of being nice.

Danny Burstein
Marissa Copeland
Heather Goldenhersh
Enid Graham
Damian Young

Scenic Designer: Kyle Chepulis
Costume Designer: Claudia Brown
Lighting Designer: Frances Aronson
Sound Designer: Scott Myers
Production Stage Manager: James FitzSimmons
Original Music: Scott Myers

Photo of (1) Heather Goldenhersh, Enid Graham, Danny Burstein, and Marissa Copeland; (2) Marissa Copeland, Damian Young, Danny Burstein, and Heather Goldenhersh by Joan Marcus.