Recent Tragic Events

Mainstage Theater

Written by Craig Wright
Directed by Michael John Garces

A surprising and moving play about a blind date on September 12, 2001 that morphs into a drinking game and freewheeling debate about fate and free will with the neighbors and a surprise guest.

Kalimi A. Baxter
Heather Graham
Hamish Linklater
Jessie J. Perez
Colleen Werthmann

Scenic Designer: Adam Stockhausen
Costume Designer: Elizabeth Hope Clancy
Lighting Designer: Kirk Bookman
Sound Designer: Scott Myers
Production Stage Manager: Shelli Aderman

Photos of (1) Heather Graham, Hamish Linkater, Colleen Werthmann, and Joyce Carol Oates; and (2) Heather Graham, Jesse J. Perez, and Hamish Linklater by Joan Marcus.