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The Savannah Disputation

Mainstage Theater

Written by Evan Smith
Directed by Walter Bobbie


Resurrect this!  When susceptible Catholic spinster Margaret politely admits door-to-door pentacostal missionary Melissa into her home, her seemingly-solid faith starts to waver – much to the chagrin of her feisty sister Mary.  But who's the blasphemer and who's the believer?  Before long, the God-fearing sisters have ambushed their steadfast “guest” with the aid of an unsuspecting local priest, setting the scene for a showdown of truly biblical proportions. 

Reed Birney
Marylouise Burke
Dana Ivey
Kellie Overbey

Scenic Designer: John Lee Beatty
Costume Designer: David C. Woolard
Lighting Designer: Kenneth Posner
Sound Designer: Tony Meola
Production Stage Manager: Robyn Henry

Photos of (1) Kellie Overbey, Dana Ivey, Reed Birney, and Marylouise Burke; (2) Kellie Overbey, Marylouise Burke, and Dana Ivey; (3) Marylouise Burke and Dana Ivey; and (4) Dana Ivey, Reed Birney, and Marylouise Burke by Joan Marcus.


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