The Water Children (New Theater Wing)

Co-produced with Women's Project Theater

Written by Wendy MacLeod
Directed by David Petrarca

When pro-choice Megan stars in a commercial for the right-to-life movement, the battle over reproductive rights gets personal. An unexpected romance, a ghost child, and a zealot on the edge raise important challenges and questions in this funny and insightful drama that takes on one of the most passionate issues of our day.




Elizabeth Bunch
Kevin Isola
Dierdre Lovejoy
Wendy Makkena
Michael Mastro
Joyce Reehling
Robert Sella
Jonathan Walker

Scenic Designer: Michael Philippi
Costume Designer: Therese Bruck
Lighting Designer: Michael Philippi
Sound Designer: Edward Cosla
Production Stage Manager: Christopher Boll

Photos of (1) Wendy Makkena and Jonathan Walker; and (2) Robert Sella by Joan Marcus.