What Didn't Happen

The Duke on 42nd Street

Written by Christopher Shinn
Directed by Michael Wilson

When his lover, literary adversary, and a sympathetic colleague gather at Dave Ardith's upstate retreat for a midsummer barbeque, the acclaimed author is forced to confront his demons- the novel he is loath to finish, and the life he is loath to resume. Six years later, Dave's protegee Scott is living a parallel life, soul-searching and plagued by unfulfilled aspirations. What happens in between is What Didn't Happen- a penetrating new play about mentors and students, and the drive to emulate those we most admire, no matter what the cost.

Matt Cowell
Suzanne Cryer
Robert Hogan
Annalee Jefferies
Matt McGrath
Chris Noth
Steven Skybell

Scenic Designer: Jeff Cowle
Costume Designer: David C. Woolard
Lighting Designer: Howell Binkley
Original Music and Sound Designer:  John Gromada
Production Stage Manager: Susie Cordon