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Peter Jay Sharp Theater

Written by Erin Cressida Wilson
Written by Jack Herrick
Written by Mike Craver
Directed by Lisa Portes

An erotic chamber musical about a boy who hits puberty while living in a depression-era bordello. Playfully and poetically exploring a tangled landscape of Oedipal longing, Wilder bewitches through its haunting blend of distincly American music and sensuality. 

Mike Craver
John Cullum
Jack Herrick
Lacey Kohl
Jeremiah Miller

Scenic Design: G. W. Mercier
Costume Design: G. W. Mercier
Lighting Design: Jane Cox
Sound Design: Tom Morse
Musical Staging: Jane Comfort
Production Stage Manager: Renee Lutz

Photos of (1) Jeremiah Miller, Lacey Kohl, and John Cullum; (2) Mike Craver and Jack Herrick; (3) Lacey Kohl and John Cullum; (4) Lacey Kohl by Joan Marcus.