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In Process: Heather Raffo on Noura

Playwright and actor Heather Raffo discusses her inspirations for Noura, including the struggle for modern women to “have it all” while balancing commitments to family and community.


Behind the Scenes with Russell Harvard

I Was Most Alive with You's "hugely charismatic" (New York Magazine) Russell Harvard discusses his first major gig, embarrassing moments, and the best part about bringing Knox to life.


In Process: Clare Barron

Clare Barron discusses ‘Dance Nation,’ her complicated feelings about ambition and success, and how we carry what happens in our youth throughout the rest of our lives.


Artist Interview: Robert O'Hara

I was examining male behavior and I wanted men to have to go through what we put women through. And I didn’t want them to have any sense that this had happened before, you know? I wanted it to be a hundred years past so that there’s a lost sense of history.
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