First Rehearsal Photos: A Life

The energy in the room was on fire! We couldn't be more charged up to begin work on Adam Bock's A Life, equipped with an amazing team and cast.

Cast members Brad Heberlee, Marinda Anderson, Lynne McCollough, Nedra McClyde, and David Hyde Pierce

Director Anne Kauffman, playwright Adam Bock, and Playwrights Artistic Director Tim Sanford

Cast member David Hyde Pierce

Playwright Adam Bock

Cast member Lynne McCollough

Cast member Brad Heberlee

Cast member Nedra McClyde

Cast member Marinda Anderson

The company of A Life and Playwrights staff all gathered together for first rehearsal.

Director Anne Kauffman and scenic designer Laura Jellinek take us through the scenic elements.

Costume designer Jessica Pabst gives us a glimpse into the costume world.