First Rehearsal Photos: This Flat Earth

 Meet the cast and creative team of This Flat Earth.

Cast members Lucas Papaelias, Ian Saint-Germain, Ella Kennedy Davis, Lynda Gravatt, and Cassie Beck

The company before the first read through.

Playwrights Artistic Director Tim Sanford, playwright Lindsey Ferrentino, and director Rebecca Taichman

Cast members Ella Kennedy Davis and Ian Saint-Germain

Cast members Lucas Papaelias and Cassie Beck

Cast members Lucas Papaelias, Ella Kennedy Davis, and Lynda Gravatt

Director Rebecca Taichman takes the company through the This Flat Earth set.

Dane Laffrey’s scenic design up close.

Paloma Young reveals her inspirations for the costume design.

Design inspirations for each character.

Mikhail Fiksel details the use of recorded song and live cello for the sound design.

Cast members Ian Saint-Germain, Lucas Papaelias, playwright Lindsey Ferrentino, Ella Kennedy Davis, Lynda Gravatt, Cassie Beck, director Rebecca Taichman, and Playwrights Artistic Director Tim Sanford