First Rehearsal Photos: The Pain of My Belligerence

Meet the cast and creative team behind The Pain of My Belligerence.

The cast is ready to jump into their first rehearsal.

Hamish Linklater and Vanessa Kai

Keira Belle Young and Vanessa Kai

Artistic Director Tim Sanford and playwright Halley Feiffer

The cast of The Pain of My Belligerence: Vanessa Kai, Keira Belle Young, Halley Feiffer, and Hamish Linklater  

Managing Director Leslie Marcus, Hamish Linklater, director Trip Cullman, Keira Belle Young, playwright/actress Halley Feiffer, Vanessa Kai, and Artistic Director Tim Sanford

Director Trip Cullman discusses Mark Wendland's scenic design.

Hamish Linklater examines Paloma Young's costume research