Opening Night: This Flat Earth

The cast takes a bow

Cast members Lucas Papaelias, Lynda Gravátt, Ella Kennedy Davis, Ian Saint-Germain and Cassie Beck

Director Rebecca Taichman, playwright Lindsey Ferrentino, and Artistic Director Tim Sanford

Director Rebecca Taichman and playwright Lindsey Ferrentino

Cast member Ella Kennedy Davis

Cast members Ella Kennedy Davis and Ian Saint-Germain

Cast members Lucas Papaelias and Ella Kennedy Davis

Cast member Ian Saint-Germain

Cast member Cassie Beck

Cast member Lucas Papaelias

Cast member Lynda Gravátt

Cast members Lucas Papaelias and Ian Saint-Germain

Cast members Cassie Beck and Ella Kennedy Davis

Cast members Lucas Papaelias and Cassie Beck

Lindsey Ferrentino and Jamie Brewer

Cory Michael Smith

Shakina Nayfack

Craig Lucas

Kent Nicholson and Maddie Corman

Max Posner

Annie Parisse

Lois Smith

Mark Blum