Opening Night Photos: I Was Most Alive with You


The company of I Was Most Alive with You take a bow

Artistic Director Tim Sanford, Playwright Craig Lucas, Director Tyne Rafaeli, and Director of Artistic Sign Language, Sabrina Dennison

The cast poses on the red carpet 

Harold Foxx (Shadow Knox) and Russell Harvard (Knox)

Amelia Hensley (Shadow Pleasant) and Lisa Emery (Pleasant)

Tad Cooley (Farhad) and Anthony Natale (Shadow Farhad)

Lois Smith (Carla) and Christina Marie (Shadow Carla)

Alexandria Wailes (Shadow Mariama) and Gameela Wright (Mariama)

Beth Applebaum (Shadow Astrid) and Marianna Bassham (Astrid)

Seth Gore (Shadow Ash) and Michael Gaston (Ash)