Opening Night Photos: Mankind

Cast members André De Shields, Ariel Shafir, Anson Mount, Bobby MorenoDavid Ryan Smith, and Stephen Schnetzer

Cast members David Ryan Smith and Ariel Shafir

Cast members Anson Mount and Bobby Moreno

Cast members André De Shields and Stephen Schnetzer

Cast members Ariel Shafir, Stephen Schnetzer, André De Shields, Anson MountDavid Ryan Smith, and Bobby Moreno

Cast members Ariel Shafir, Stephen Schnetzer, playwright Robert O'Hara, Anson MountDavid Ryan Smith, Bobby Moreno, and André De Shields

Playwrights Artistic Director Tim Sanford and Mankind writer and director Robert O'Hara

André De Shields before and after a Planned Parenthood shoot

Cast member Anson Mount

Cast member Bobby Moreno

Cast member André De Shields

Cast member Ariel Shafir

Cast member Stephen Schnetzer

Cast member David Ryan Smith