Production Photos: Unknown Soldier

Perry Sherman (Francis), Estelle Parsons (Lucy Anderson), and Kerstin Anderson (Lucy Lemay)

Jay McKenzie (Ensemble), Jessica Naimy (Ensemble), Thom Sesma (Doctor), James Crichton (Ensemble), and Emilie Kouatchou (Ensemble)

Perry Sherman (Francis) and Kerstin Anderson (Lucy Lemay)

Zoe Glick (Young Ellen/Lucy Rabinowitz), Erik Lochtefeld (Andrew), and Ensemble

Kerstin Anderson (Lucy Lemay) and Ensemble

Erik Lochtefeld (Andrew) and Margo Seibert (Ellen Rabinowitz)

Margo Seibert (Ellen Rabinowitz) and Erik Lochtefeld (Andrew)

Jay McKenzie (Ensemble), Perry Sherman (Francis), Kerstin Anderson (Lucy Lemay), and James Crichton (Ensemble)

Zoe Glick (Young Ellen/Lucy Rabinowitz), Margo Seibert (Ellen Rabinowitz), Estelle Parsons (Lucy Anderson), and Kerstin Anderson (Lucy Lemay)

All Photos by Joan Marcus 

Scenic Design : Mark Wendland
Costume Design: Clint Ramos and Jacob A. Climer
Lighting Design: Ben Stanton
Sound Design: Leon Rothenberg
Projection Design: Lucy Mackinnon
Hair, Wig, and Make-up Design: J. Jared Janas
Orchestrations: Michael Friedman and Marco Paguia
Music Director: Julie McBride
Music Coordinator: Tomoko Akaboshi
Production Stage Manager: Lisa Ann Chernoff
Assistant Stage Manager: Ben Freedman