The Flick Props Sneak Peek

We've had a blast here obtaining the props for The Flick from theaters such as NY's City Cinema, which has retired 35mm projection. One theater's trash is another theater's props for the upcoming production!

Captions by Properties Supervisor Kate Stack.

A Dolby digital sound rack: this controls the movie theater sound system.

This is the very projector we will be using on stage! You can see a reel on the bottom, the lamp house (part that lights up) is the brown thing on the back.

Rear view of projector: this highlights the lamp house, and shows more of the projector guts.

The front of the projector with a lens installed.

Our projector runs both flat film and cinemascope, so this button switches between the two lenses.

Close up of the sound head in the projector.

Close-up of the projector frame knob. It adjusts the way the film sits in the projector to make sure that the frames are in sync.

Our projector, other side/three quarter view. You can see the motor (the black thing in the center that looks like a motor) and some more projector guts through the window.

Film cannisters.


A reel of film.

A film reel cabinet.

A film splicer.

Closeup of label on a film canister (Wasabi Tuna, starring Anna Nicole Smith, and featuring a bunch of Anna Nicole Smith drag queens).

Closeup of film cannisters.

Rear view of a film rewinder.

On top is a big box of reels, then below the reels are more pieces of the sound system that haven't been attached into the rack yet. In the tupperware underneath is a box of projector lenses, and at the very bottom is another sound system piece.