Space Rental

Long Term Rental


Basic package provided, which includes 30 fixtures with cabling and a lighting console.  Subject to availability, there may be an additional lighting package available for rental upon request. Renter is responsible for all other fixtures, accessories, color media, hardware, etc.


Basic sound system provided, which includes two speakers, amps, and a sound console. Clear Com system provided, which includes 4 wired headsets/beltpacks and a Stage Manager console with com and paging to the dressing rooms. Renter is responsible for all microphones, additional speakers, playback system (cd player or computer), etc.


A facilities supervisor is required for all times renter is in the space. The FS is included in the rental cost for a limited number of hours specified in the contract. Additional hours above what is included are an extra cost. Once performances begin, the FS operates the light board or sound board and the cost of the person is paid by renter. A fire-guard certified house manager is included for a specified number of shows per week.