Reasons to Give


Why give to Playwrights Horizons? Let our artists tell you.

We can’t make our art without each other.

—Tim Sanford, May 2020 |Read Tim's Letter

"The support we received from Playwrights Horizons was unparalleled"

—Michael R. Jackson, November 2019 |Read Michael's Letter

Playwrights Horizons rose above and beyond every challenge.

—Larissa FastHorse, November 2018 |Read Larissa's Letter

They spot miracles, and then realize them.

—Max Posner, November 2017 |Read Max's Letter

That feeling finally came at Playwrights.

—Danai Gurira, November 2016 |Read Danai's Letter

They see me as a Whole Artist. And they are not afraid of it.

—Robert O’Hara, June 2016 |Read Robert's Letter

Playwrights Horizons has stayed true to itself over the years, paradoxically, by changing and evolving.

—Jordan Harrison, June 2015 |Read Jordan's Letter

I know I’ve become a better person because of the work I’ve experienced over the years at Playwrights.

—Taylor Mac, November 2015 |Read Taylor's Letter

Playwrights Horizons has found that rare and beautiful balance of being profoundly important and unwaveringly good.

—Samuel D. Hunter, November 2014 |Read Sam's Letter

Their mission is, and always has been, to take these risks so we can all grow.

—Kelli O'Hara, November 2013 |Read Kelli's Letter

One of the most caring artistic homes I have ever known.

—Lisa D’Amour, November 2012 |Read Lisa's Letter

But Playwrights Horizons – for whatever combination of perverse psychological factors – continues stubbornly, irrationally, maybe, to produce new plays.

—Bruce Norris, November 2011 |Read Bruce's Letter