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2017/18 Packages

2017/18 Season Packages

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 See everything we do at the best price.Customize your bundle — see one show, or see them all.Access to special discounts on every show.Access to low-cost tickets, free to join for ages 35 or under.Access to low-cost tickets, free to join for current students.
Price$288 for 6 showsStarting at $220 for 4 tickets$45 to join; $25 preview tickets and guaranteed exclusive discounts$25 tickets$15 tickets
Package Service feeWaived$10/pkg$10/pkgWaivedWaived
Early Booking3 weeks1 week1 weekNANA
ExchangesUnlimited1/productionFor a nominal feeFor a nominal feeFor a nominal fee
Guest Tickets$55Use Flex tickets$55$35$35
Local Business DiscountsYesYesYesNoNo
Artist Interview EmailsYesYesYesYesYes
$20 Second Look and $15 Bring the Kids ticketsYesYesNoNoNo
Post DatingYesYesNoNoNo
Bulletin by mailYesNoNoNoNo
Lobby Bookshop DiscountYesNoNoNoNo


These benefits only apply to season packages for the 2017/18 season. These season packages cannot be used for any of the remaining shows in the 2016/17 season, running through July 2017.