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Artist Interview with Robert O'Hara

Robert: I was always writing. I would write dirty stories in high school, and give them to my friends, and they would all pass them around. And my grandmother would always go to flea markets, and I would get these little dime store novels, just awful nasty novels, then Stephen King, and Lawrence Sanders, and Jackie Collins, and I would emulate them. But I didn’t think of it as a profession. I didn’t think of myself as a writer; I just wrote.


Heidi Schreck on Grand Concourse

‘Grand Concourse’‬ author Heidi Schreck gives us insight into the show, and her own soup kitchen experiences that lead her to writing this compassionate Bronx-based play.


Bootycandy Trailer

It's "big, bold, searing, and sensationally funny" (NY Times)—it's Bootycandy. Robert O'Hara has written/directed a fearless show that's taken New York by storm.


Behind the Booty

If you think the Bootycandy cast is outrageous on stage, wait until you see what goes on BEHIND the booty.


Bootycandy Symposium

Bootycandy Symposium, where the writer asks the questions. Moderated by Robert O'Hara, featuring Carmen Neely, Billy Porter, and Yoruba Richen. Fast forward to 8:40 for the beginning of the panel.

Watch live streaming video from newplay at


Scene from Bootycandy

What does "bootycandy" really mean? Find out in this excerpt of the opening scene to Robert O'Hara's "sassy and saucy" (NY Post) hit show.

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