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I need some space

Clubbed Thumb needed their space. We gave it to them. A big welcome to Clubbed Thumb as our first ever Resident Company, we couldn't be happier to have you.


From Soup to Nuts

Since the show takes place in a soup kitchen, we thought it appropriate to ask the always charming ‪Grand Concourse‬ cast for their favorite soup, the meaning of forgiveness, and few corny jokes to top it all off.


2014/15 Season Launch

Tim Sanford steps up to the mic at our 2014/15 Season Launch party to give us the low down on this season's inspiring set of writers and their exciting new work.


Artist Interview with Robert O'Hara

Robert: I was always writing. I would write dirty stories in high school, and give them to my friends, and they would all pass them around. And my grandmother would always go to flea markets, and I would get these little dime store novels, just awful nasty novels, then Stephen King, and Lawrence Sanders, and Jackie Collins, and I would emulate them. But I didn’t think of it as a profession. I didn’t think of myself as a writer; I just wrote.


Heidi Schreck on Grand Concourse

‘Grand Concourse’‬ author Heidi Schreck gives us insight into the show, and her own soup kitchen experiences that lead her to writing this compassionate Bronx-based play.

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