Our New Look

Our new logo puts our very essence in the hands of those who shape it most directly: our playwrights. You’ll notice that our name is written many different ways, in the hand of the writers themselves. They make this company the institution that we’re proud to be, and we’re excited to highlight their distinct writing styles in our very name.

While our onstage offerings change each season, one constant holds: our steadfast commitment to championing the voice of the American writer. We foster an enticing mix — of voice, form, style, experience – that is the heartbeat of Playwrights. It’s the stuff that, throughout our history, has guided us as we present the stories of today by the writers of tomorrow.

A behind the scenes look at the signature logo writing process

Scroll to see how this season’s playwrights made their mark on our new logo.

Sarah Ruhl

“It's really meaningfully to be back at Playwrights because its really a family with an institutional memory, and a lot of theaters don't have institutional memory. You know, a lot of broadway theaters — you walk in, you can't even remember the space, you don't know what plays were inside, nobody knows you. Playwrights is a completely different feeling. I think it's a place that really honors playwrights (obviously), and where language and the voice of the playwright is honored. It's always an incredible privilege to be working here.”

Max Posner

“When I was growing up in Denver I would go to the bookstore and go to the little play section. I remember that first page in a lot of plays where it says, "This play premiered at blah blah," and there's a lot of names of people you've never heard of. I remember looking at that page in a lot of plays and seeing Playwrights Horizons. When I was in college I came down to New York one weekend and ended up seeing a play at Playwrights Horizons. And I had a completely mind altering experience of a new play that I still think about all the time. To be in this season is really... sort of mind blowing.”

Robert O’Hara

“I had such an amazing time with Bootycandy, so it means quite a deal — a big deal — to be a part of a season. Playwrights has this sort of reputation for being at the forefront of new ideas and new plays about the way we live. And so I'm very excited to re-enage with the audiences who enjoyed Bootycandy.  I think that to be at Playwrights and to be at 42nd/9th is a thrilling location to have that conversation.”

Lindsey Ferrentino

Working at Playwrights Horizons means everything to me. It’s the theatre I go to again and again to see fresh new work, to see plays I can’t see anywhere else. My play there this season (This Flat Earth) is what I’d considered my riskiest because it is the one the most out of my comfort zone, and I can’t think of another place that would support this play in this way. I’m overjoyed to be a part of the conversation here and in the company of the other artists this season. 

Clare Barron

"You know I always looked up to Playwrights Horizons. There are so many writers who have been here that are my heroes. I’ve sorta always looked at Playwrights Horizons as a beacon for that kind of truly new and adventurous work. And I feel really nervous and really excited to get to make something here."

Jordan Harrison

"I first walked through the door of Playwrights Horizons almost 20 years ago. So I’ve seen this place evolve and change a great deal. The plays and the audiences get more adventurous with each passing season. I’m grateful that I still fit into what Playwrights would call “adventurous".  That I’m still part of this culture that seems to be expanding with each season and each set of new plays."