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Rancho Viejo Artist Interview

Dan LeFranc: For a long time, it was really like a thousand pages of scenes. It didn’t have a story engine, necessarily. It just felt like more of an Ionesco play or something where we’re just here and this is what we’re doing and there’s no rhyme or reason to why certain scenes happen after other scenes. And there was a lot of fun in that. It was a lot of fun to read around a table. And I think Adam was also interested in that. Which is great.


From the Artistic Director: The Light Years

The Debate Society’s collaboratively devised plays frequently recreate vivid slices of Americana, but they generally evoke periods from more recent memory, fashioning a vibe that is in equal parts cheeky, nerdily hip, and spooky.


Rancho Viejo Trailer

Go inside Rancho Viejo, where every day is 70 degrees and every night's a party (with your awkward neighbors).


What is Astrology?

What do your sun, moon, and rising signs say about you? The cast members of ‘A Life’ explore their astrological charts and find out.


Symposium with Adam Bock

Adam Bock gets to ask the questions about ‘A Life’, talking with Susan Cheever and Ren Dara Santiago about memoirs, writing, and so much more.
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