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A Life Trailer

Hopelessly single Nate Martin (David Hyde Pierce) obsessively questions his past and his place in the cosmos. The answer he receives, when it comes, is shockingly obvious — yet totally unpredictable.


The New York Times Analyzes Playwrights

Fascinated by our new look and unique revolving logo, ‘The New York Times’ worked with a handwriting expert to analyze the writers’ penmanship. The results? Surprising findings followed by delightfully amusing reactions.


Where Theater Begins

We share the stories of today by the writers of tomorrow. We are a home for the American writer. It is expressed in our very name: we are Playwrights — where theater begins.


David Hyde Pierce on LIVE with Kelly

David Hyde Pierce made a splash on LIVE with Kelly, chatting all about ‘A Life’ as well as the upcoming ‘Hello, Dolly’ on Broadway. As it turns out, not only did David Hyde Pierce get his start and equity card here at Playwrights, but so did Matt Bomer!


Aubergine Trailer

In Julia Cho's heartfelt and moving ‘Aubergine,’ a son cooks a meal for his dying father to say everything that words can’t.

Playwrights' Perspectives

Playwright's Perspective: Dan LeFranc

The people who populate the fictional suburb of Rancho Viejo would probably never seek out, let alone read, a “Playwright’s Perspective” about a play called Rancho Viejo. Like most Americans, I’d guess, they’re only vaguely aware that playwrights still exist, and they’d only be moderately interested in hearing from one’s “perspective.” Not because they’re incurious, but because they prefer to watch television at home or read books or magazines and hang out with one another at the occasional get-together or barbecue.
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