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The Light Years Trailer

Two families. Two Chicago World's Fairs. One star, 40 light years away, tying two Fairs together with a ribbon of cosmic light.


First Rehearsal Photos: The Light Years

“The Light Years” ignites! After a stellar read-through, design presentation, and meet and greet, the cast and creative team are very excited for The Debate Society’s luminous new play.

Playwrights' Perspectives

Playwright's Perspective: The Profane

The two families in The Profane are American. They’re also immigrants, as most Americans are or were, somewhere back in the family tree, navigating the difficulties of assimilation, holding onto some of their traditions and altering others, trying to maintain an authentic identity while becoming something new.


From the Artistic Director: The Profane

The action in The Profane starts when the daughter of super-urbane and secular Arab-American writer, Raif, announces her engagement to the son of traditional, working-class Arab-American parents. Plays about lovers from divergent backgrounds abound in the history of the theater. We all love a happy ending. But most often, when playwrights introduce marriages into their plays, they are looking for trouble.


The American Voice: Permanent Revolution

“The Profane” reflects Zayd’s international perspective, his cosmopolitan sensibility, and his keen sensitivity to the often unspoken dynamics that can unite or divide people from different worlds. It is also, like others of his plays, a story about the sometimes maddening difficulty of being a parent.


Backstory: The Law of the Land

“Who are the secular humanists?” Paul Kurtz, founder of the Council for Secular Humanism, asks. “Perhaps,” he proposes, “everyone who believes in the principles of free inquiry, ethics based upon reason, and a commitment to science, democracy, and freedom. Perhaps even you.”
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