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Laura Heisler

Playwrights Horizons alum Laura Heisler discusses her character, Aubrey, what she considers her typical roles, and what it means to play "more animal, less human." Original music by Darron L West. Produced by 2013/14 Marketing Resident Nicole Dancel.


Marlane Meyer

Back for her third show at Playwrights Horizons, THE PATRON SAINT OF SEA MONSTERS, Blackburn prize winner Marlane Meyer talks about returning to PH, her own Patron Saint, and why writing just may have saved her life (and someone else's). Original music by Darron L West.


Colleen Werthmann

MR. BURNS actor Colleen Werthmann discusses playing a Simpson, the process of creating the show, and moonlighting as a comedy writer. Produced by 2013/14 Marketing Resident Nicole Dancel.


Michael Friedman

MR. BURNS' Obie Award-winning composer Michael Friedman discusses his role in the play's development and the fascinating intersection of "The Simpsons" theme with Bernard Herrmann.


Anne Washburn

MR. BURNS playwright Anne Washburn on the origin of the play, its unique development process, and how "The Simpsons" came to represent the high culture of the future.


Scott Frankel & Michael Korie

The composer and lyricist of the musical FAR FROM HEAVEN discuss the genesis of the piece, their fruitful collaboration with Kelli O'Hara, and how PH has become their artistic home. Featuring music from the production.


Isaiah Johnson

FAR FROM HEAVEN's Raymond, Isaiah Johnson, recounts his experience growing up military, working with Al Pacino in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, and discusses the benefits of originating a role in a major new musical at Playwrights Horizons. Featuring original music by Scott Frankel, lyrics by Michael Korie. Produced by 2012/13 season Marketing Resident Katie Stoppiello.


Kerry Butler

Listen to Tony Award nominee Kerry Butler talk about performing for ice cream, her common ground with Daniel Day-Lewis, and her personal connection to her role in THE CALL.
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