A Day with Erin Wilhelmi

Two show day begins with coffee :)


Here we go!


Our beautiful dressing room! We decided to decorate for the holidays. Then Joyce and Becky decided to decorate as well. I was pretty impressed!…until I saw the boys' dressing room. Peter and Keith decided to make it a competition. With 14 strands of Christmas lights… I guess they take the prize…



I like to look at the empty theater… It's so much less daunting without people in it, lol


Getting ready!


Stage management getting ready and automation's dressing room!


Amy stops in to say hi!!


We hold hands before every show :) sometimes we share a quote, sometimes we just laugh awkwardly.


Joyce and I usually watch the first scene together!… Here she comes!


We like to look at the backs of peoples' heads to figure out what the audience will be like :)


Killing time before curtail call. Those three are crossword puzzle geniuses!


Handsome man!


A little nap between shows :) ZzZzzzzz. Or not.