First Rehearsal Photos: Rancho Viejo

Rehearsals for Dan LeFranc's Rancho Viejo have begun and tickets are now sale. We've got ourselves a real all-star cast and team!

Cast members Bill Buell, Lusia Strus, Ruth Aguilar, Tyrone Mitchell Henderson, Ethan Dubin, director Daniel Aukin, canine cast member Marti, playwright Dan LeFranc, and  cast members Mark Zeisler, Mark Blum, Julia Duffy, and Mare Winningham

Director Daniel Aukin and playwright Dan LeFranc

Cast members Mare Winningham and Mark Blum

Cast members Julia Duffy and Mark Zeisler

Cast members Bill Buell and Ruth Aguilar

Cast members Lusia Strus and Tyrone Mitchell Henderson

Cast members Marti and Ethan Dubin

Director Daniel Aukin gives us the rundown on scenic elements of the show.