First Rehearsal: Wives

Artistic Director Tim Sanford, cast member Sathya Sridharan, playwright Jaclyn Backhaus, cast member Purva Bedi, Adina Verson and Mahira Kakkar, and director Margot Bordelon.

Wives playwright Jaclyn Backhaus and director Margot Bordelon.

Purva Bedi poses with her adorable newborn, Lodi.

Lighting Designer Amith Chandrashaker discusses the play's four distinct time periods.

Tim Sanford, Jaclyn Backhaus, and Margot Bordelon.

The "Wives" of Wives! Purva Bedi, Mahira Kakkar, and Adina Verson.

The cast of Wives gets together on the morning of first rehearsal.

Scenic Designer Reid Thompson walks through the various set changes.

Kate Marvin discusses her sound design and original music for the new comedy.

Swag on and read-through ready!